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Auckland Classical Guitarist Bruce Paine - Blog

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Why the ‘classical’ guitar? 38
Q and A Spotlight on Bruce Paine 195
High praise from 'The New Listener'… 263
2017 in Summary 475
Alberton Waltz - 6th out of 110! 359
Premiere recordings of Paine... 889
Music on Amazon... 993
Indie Music... 965
PDF Sheet Music... 913
Alberton Waltz sheet music now available... 932
Revised sheet music pricing... 993
Concert footage... 968
A blast from the past... 925
Back to the future... 967
Is it all 'Plinky-Plonk'? 1090
Rehearsal prior to South Island tour 1341
Duty and Delight, concert reviewed... 2093
CD reviewed by Rip It Up... 1925
Fundraising Concert Success... 1950
Coming Out of the Fog 1863
The Good Ship Seringapatam... 2270
The Ghosts of Alberton... 2619
Ghostly sounds... 2193
Guidance from the other side... 2137
Tonewood and Bear Claw now on CDBaby... 1869
Tonewood and Bear Claw CD launch success... 1822
A fresh, new look... 2776
Gallipoli Songs - Update 2046
'Tonewood and Bear Claw' CD... 2774
Bruce Paine on bandcamp... 2030
Post-Christmas gift ideas... 2084
Alberton November 2014 concert video "The Enchanted Guitar"... 2247
Media player for all... 2253
New videos... 2349
Video for the young and young at heart... 2403
Gallipoli Songs 2688
Irish Composer - William Vincent Wallace 2905
Concert and photo competition win... 2718
A concert with a difference... 2641
Giuseppe Verdi's 200th Birthday... 2488
Recuerdos del la Alhambra 2463
Concerts 2013 2460
Marek Pasieczny in New Zealand 4361
Sheet Music 2427
About Alberton 3478
2011 - 2013 : Alberton DVD Blog 2961
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2013 4003
Guitar "Songs" on iTunes... 1643
Panormo Guitar 1975
Enjoying guitar from an audience perspective... 1635


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    Francis Bacon, from The Advancement of Learning 1605

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