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Thur October 12th, 2017 ~ Auckland

Alberton August 2017 Bruce Paine GuitaristClassical Guitar Rehearsal/Concert

Wednesday, 12th October 2017, 6pm

Alberton, Mount Albert, Auckland

This will be a private concert for the staff and volunteers who care for historic Alberton in Mount Albert, Auckland, and for friend of Bruce Paine.  Space is limited and attendance is by invitation only. However, those not invited but keen to attend can enquire via Alberton phone (09) 846 7367 or PM Bruce via his Facebook page.

Photo credit: New Zealand photographer Philip Coyle.


Finchdean ~ Bruce Paine
Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ~ David Solomons
Pulsar ~ Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Kaygorod ~ Štěpán Rak
Suite del Recuerdo ~ José Luis Merlin
1. Evocacion
2. Zamba
3. Chacarera
4. Carnavalito
5. Evocacion
6. Joropo


Circle Dance ~ Bruce Paine
New Zealand Suite ~ Bruce Paine
1. Mountain Cascade
2. Rotoiti Twilight
3. The Forest Awakens

Approximate duration:
40 minutes first half
30 minutes second half

Cadiz by Albeniz

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