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Friday November 9th, 2018, 6:00pm ~ Blenheim - Programme


Sea Life (from Sea Suite) - Bruce Paine

Twinkle Variations - David Solomons

Selwyn River Suite - Bruce Paine
1. Alpine Prelude 2. Rainfall 3. Swiftly Flowing 4. The Calm Beyond 5.Hymn

Seringapatam - Bruce Paine
Sea Shanty - Bruce Paine


Waitemata Reverie - Bruce Paine

Pulsar - Vincent Lindsey-Clark

Note: Actual programme and duration may vary on the night.

Approximate duration:
35 minutes first half
30 minutes second half

Cadiz by Albeniz

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The Enchanted Guitar

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CD Cover - The Selwyn Recital CD


Tonewood and Bear Claw CD

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Lateral Lines CD

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