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Lateral LInes CD cover

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  1. NZ Suite for Guitar: Mountain Cascade
  2. NZ Suite for Guitar: Rotoiti Twilight
  3. NZ Suite for Guitar: Forest Awakens
  4. Sea Suite: Sea Life
  5. Sea Suite: The Whale and the Octopus
  6. Sea Suite: Dance of the Walrus
  7. Sea Suite: Shark Dream and Reprise
  8. Finchdean
  9. The Sea King's Daughter: Sadko's Zither
  10. The Sea King's Daughter: By the River Volkov
  11. The Sea King's Daughter: Sad Song
  12. The Sea King's Daughter: Voyage to the Sea Palace
  13. The Sea King's Daughter: The Sea King Dances up a Storm
  14. The Sea King's Daughter: Temptation and Return to Novgorod
  15. The Sea King's Daughter: Sadko’s Welcome Home

Total CD Duration: approximately 46 minutes and 57 seconds

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