April 2017 Update: For various reasons the Lateral Lines tracks are as of now no longer available via BandCamp. They are still available through iTunes and other online music outlets. Likewise CD copies are still for sale via this web site for those who love to own the shiny silver disks from a wonderful bygone era.

Original blog item

Another day, another means of promoting music has emerged.  Well, perhaps not so new because bandcamp was founded in 2007.  The difference from other music outlets is you can 'try before you buy' or, in other words, listen to entire albums free of charge.

The first contribution to bandcamp is the 2008 release of my own solo guitar music entitled Lateral Lines.  To find out what it is all about, please visit the band camp site...

Connect with Bruce Paine

Welcome to Bruce Paine's official website.  For privacy reasons Bruce prefers contact via his Facebook artist page inbox or LinkedIn.

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