Bruce Paine standing in Alberton Ballroom

Picking up on the theme of my previous post about spiritual guidance in composing music for the Alberton DVD, I now recall giving myself a fright when at the house on my own one afternoon.  I was making recordings of the 1870s music box songs that became part of the DVD soundtrack.  I was completely alone after hours in the Alberton ballroom with the responsibility of locking up when finished.  I had headphones on and was listening intently for any sign of traffic noise that might spoil the recordings. Inside the Alberton music box I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard what sounded like ghostly voices whispering behind me!  I thought to myself, 'It's true!  There are ghosts at Alberton!'   I very carefully looked back across the room and, sure enough, I was completely alone!  No sign of Kerr Taylor family descendant apparitions come to frighten me away!  It took a few moments to realise that the sounds I'd heard were noises coming from within the music box mechanism that sounded convincingly like ghostly whispering!

To hear the 1870s Bremond music box as recorded in the ballroom of Alberton, check out the DVD...

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