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Guitar "Songs" on iTunes...

I could write a book called The Beginner''s Guide to listing music on iTunes!

It's time for a rant!

Well it seemed like a fairly straightforward process but like many things computer and internet related, it isn't always as easy as it at first seems.  Like for example, selecting the right music genre and sub-genre for your "Song".  In the world of internet music, everything appears to be known as a song.  Therefore I must be unique in that I write "songs" for classical guitar that don't actually involve singing!  There''s no such thing - well as far as the CD Baby music site will have me believe - as a "Classical Guitar" music genre (or any other sort of guitar genre for that matter) but for reasons beyond my comprehension they do offer "keyboard music" and "solo piano" under the "Classical Music" genre.

Anyway, for the record, I have managed to have my Indian inspired guitar solo Seringapatam listed on iTunes.  It has been listed under "world music" which on the one hand seems completely wrong but also entirely appropriate since it was inspired by Indian music which is considered "world music".  A further justification for this genre choice is that I live in New Zealand which is also part of the world.  :-)

Bruce Paine

Note that this isn''t my first foray into the world of iTunes.  The observant visitor will see that Lateral Lines is also available and the two tracks Sadko''s Zither and The Sea King Dances Up a Storm have a high popularity rating.

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