Another venture that's been in the pipeline for quite a number of years has now come to fruition.  A new CD of works for classical guitar by English composer David W. Solomons.  The album, entitled Coming Out of the Fog, consists of recordings that were recorded, since about the turn of the last century, in my home studio.  The tracks have been presented without sound processing or the addition of electronic reverb effects.  What you get is the unadulterated guitar sound. 

The album has eleven tracks, ten of which are guitar solos.  The piece entitled 'Good Tempered Guitars' is a duet that was recorded with the help of Auckland guitarist Rex Button who played the second guitar part.  It's a remarkably inventive piece of writing for two guitars and great fun to play.  

Tracks can be previewed on CD Baby here.

Full details of each track and music previews can be found via Classical music off the beaten path!

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