Here's some newly edited concert footage from a 2011 duet performance.
Video: Spanish Dance No. 6, 'Rondalla Aragonesa' duet
Video: Danza Paraguaya, guitar duet

The videos came about after a mammoth effort preparing, performing and recording a full duet programme with my duo partner Rex Button. I was the camera men and I say 'men' because there were several video cameras, of varying types and complexity, all needing to be set up prior to the performance. It took a practice run a week prior to the performance to understand whether or not the plan would work. The day of the concert was very stressful and it is not an exercise I want to repeat or would recommend to others! However, luckily everything went well and now we have a beautiful record of the occasion.

Bear in mind that only one of the video cameras used could be described as professional quality. That camera was only capable of capturing standard definition footage so there's none of the super-crisp detail people are used to seeing these days. Even so the concert footage has warmth and rich colours, and has captured the occasion well.

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