To cut a long story short, I have added some of my recordings to my artist page on the 'Indie Music People' website.  It is an experiment to attempt reaching a different and wider audience.  At the moment the page features a small selection of my work, including a never before heard recording of my composition 'Circle Dance'.  I would like to encourage visitors to check out the page and share it with others in doing so helping to spread the word about Indie musicians...

Bruce Paine on 'Indie Music People'

P.S.  For the uninitiated, if you are Indie you are an independent, un-signed musician (not managed by an agent or recording company) while actively pursuing a career in music.  The site 'Indie Music People' provides musicians with a forum to share recordings and to have their music ranked alongside the work of others.  'Indie Music People' are encouraged to create their own internet radio stations consisting of selected works of their own choosing.  The site offers music in a large range of different genres and sub-genres.

Connect with Bruce Paine

Welcome to Bruce Paine's official website.  For privacy reasons Bruce prefers contact via his Facebook artist page inbox or LinkedIn.

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