Unless your internet browser has an advert blocker enabled, you might notice new banners recently added to this web site promoting Amazon Music services.  There are many available outlets for music and Amazon is just another that includes examples of my music.  So if you hop on over to Amazon Music Unlimited and search for 'Bruce Paine guitar' all will be revealed.  Well, not quite all, but some of my recordings that have so far made it onto the Amazon site.  Of course it's not just about my music. There is a vast amount of all kinds of music available via Amazon waiting to be heard and enjoyed. Why not sign up for a free trial?

Note the following advertisement refers to Amazon UK. My tracks are also available via Amazon.com for those who prefer to use that particular site.


Connect with Bruce Paine

Welcome to Bruce Paine's official website.  For privacy reasons Bruce prefers contact via his Facebook artist page inbox or LinkedIn.

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