Exciting news for lovers of all things guitar related!  On Friday June 22nd the New Zealand Guitar Quartet gave the USA premiere performance of ‘The Art of Sound and Motion’ by New Zealand composer Bruce Paine.  The performance took place towards the end of the 2018 Guitar Foundation of America festival and was given a standing ovation.  'The Art of Sound and Motion' is a suite of pieces inspired by the work of the New Zealand artist Len Lye, who is most famous for his bizarre and wonderful kinetic sculptures.  The NZGQ have to-date premiered the work in New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.  

Check out who else was on the GFA schedule for Friday June 22nd and the rest of the week.

And if you don't know who Len Lye was or anything about his ingenious kinetic sculptures, then you'd better hop over to Google and search 'Len Lye' pronto!  Or better still when you're next in New Plymouth (that's in New Zealand, by the way) make sure you allow time to visit the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre to see what's on display.

Connect with Bruce Paine

Welcome to Bruce Paine's official website.  For privacy reasons Bruce prefers contact via his Facebook artist page inbox or LinkedIn.

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