This post is long overdue thanks in part to my forgetfulness but also the disruption of 2020 and beyond.  It is my way of expressing sincere thanks to a highly talented and thoughtful artist.
Many classical guitarists will know Graham Wade for his books, articles and CD album notes written on the subject of the classical guitar, its music and performers.  However, less commonly known about is his special ability as a writer in other genres including creative novels and poetry.
These words don't do justice to the beautiful and wonderfully thought-provoking collection of poetry entitled 'Themes, Dreams and Seasons' which Graham very kindly and generously sent me at a time when I was struggling to coming to terms with a recent loss. In one sense I found the remarkably varied collection of poems and three short stories a form of escape but they also helped reinforce the fact that loss is a part of life that affects us all. As Graham put it in a personal note, 'Living through these things is so terrible but it remains the human condition...'.  But the publication is as special now as it was when I first picked it up. 

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