Sheet Music

A friend once told me that the most I could expect to earn from sheet music sales in my lifetime is about the equivalent of the price of a bottle of whiskey!

Well, I don't drink whiskey but such earnings would no doubt be of some use. Anyway it is just great to know that other guitarists are excited about the music I have produced and are keen to try it out.

Recently I was asked when the 'Alberton Waltz' sheet music will be available for sale. Unfortunately it isn't in publishable form yet but I do have plans to publish pdf copies for sale on my web site and via SOUNZ. Before I can publish though, I face quite a long-winded job formatting the music, ironing out mistakes, incorporating recent modifications, adding fingering suggestions and bringing everything to the required standard for other guitarists to enjoy.

The good news is I've made a start on the 'Alberton Waltz' and it will most probably be first off the press.

If you would like to be notified when the sheet music becomes available, please get in touch via Facebook NZGuitarist.

Thank you for your patience!

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