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Concerts 2013

Library Concert - October 2013

Last month I had the immense pleasure of playing to an audience of 110 people at the Auckland Central Library music suite.  What made the event special was my decision to play a new guitar (made by Rod Capper) that I'd picked up only a couple of days prior. The instrument is special in that it was inspired by an 1833 instrument made by the famous Panormo family of instrument makers.   One of the brothers, Louis Panormo, settled in New Zealand and with his family farmed land in Awhitu Peninsula, Manukau Heads, Auckland.   I made a point of explaining to the audience that the 19th century instruments were quiet compared with modern classical guitars and that they would have to listen carefully.   This paid off rather nicely as you could hear a pin drop during the three pieces I'd chosen to play i.e. studies by Fernando Sor in D major, B flat major and A major.   The audience seemed fascinated by the new/old guitar and to my delight (and some relief!) were generous with their applause.

December 7th Alberton Concert

With the Saturday 7 December : The 19th Century Guitar - Alberton 150th concert fast approaching and all that it entails, it is proving to be a very busy time.  The Alberton concert will feature not only the Capper-Panormo guitar that I played at the library concert but also an original 1823 Panormo guitar which is being made available to me by a descendant of the Panormo family. Also made specially for the concert is a superb 1864 Torres guitar copy also by Rod Capper.  A second Capper-Panormo guitar has been made available so that performances of 19th century period music duets can take place. 

After note:  The two Capper-Panormo guitars were used to accompany Imogen Abernethy who sang several songs that were once popular during the Victorian era.

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