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Sunday September 15th, 2019, 4pm ~ Alberton, Auckland

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‘Anatolia - Aotearoa’
classical guitar cross cultural concert
Sunday, 15 September, 4pm
Venue:  Alberton ballroom
Alberton, 100 Mt Albert Road,
Mount Albert, Auckland

"A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday - at lovely Alberton House, being part of a convivial group of people enjoying a concert provided by two excellent classical guitar players, plus refreshments on the veranda..." - Pam

Anatolian born classical guitarist Barkin Sertkaya will join Bruce Paine for a concert entitled ‘Anatolia - Aotearoa’.  This will be a special manifestation of Barkin’s touring programme which has proven most popular with audiences.  Barkin will play a selection of guitar works inspired by music of his homeland and Bruce will offer a New Zealand perspective with some of his own compositions.

Featuring the premiere performance of ‘Anatolia - Aotearoa’, a newly composed guitar duet by Bruce Paine, celebrating and blending Middle Eastern and New Zealand/European musical styles. The duet is also in memory of the Christchurch Mosque shooting that occurred in March this year, 2019.

Ticket price includes complimentary drink (sparkling wine or fruit juice) on arrival from 3:30 pm and access to Alberton for a look around the historic house during opening hours.  There will be time following the performance to chat with the performers.  CDs will also be available at $25 per copy - cash sales only.


Barkin Sertkaya

Variations on an Anatolian Folk Song ~ Carlo Domeniconi movements 1-5 and finale

Koyunbaba Suite ~ Carlo Domeniconi
1. Moderato, 2. Mosso, 3. Cantabile, 4. Presto

Bruce Paine

Seringapatam ~ Bruce Paine
Hine E Hine ~ Princess Te Rangi Pai, arr. Bruce Paine
Waitematā Reverie ~ Bruce Paine
’Tarakihi’ Invention, Trad., arr. Bruce Paine

Anatolia - Aotearoa
Barkin Sertkaya - Bruce Paine

‘Anatolia - Aotearoa’ duet ~ Bruce Paine

Sincere thanks to Natalie Roffey, Philip Coyle and Rendell McIntosh for contributing selected photographs for this display.  alb sep2019 01 bruce intro

alb sep2019 02 barkin entrance

alb sep2019 03 barkin solo1

alb sep2019 03 barkin solo2

 alb sep2019 04 bruce entrance

alb sep2019 05 bruce solos speaking

alb sep2019 06 stage and bp

alb sep2019 07 bruce explaining guitar

alb sep2019 08 duets tuning

alb sep2019 09 duet in progress

alb sep2019 10 duets applause

Sheet Music


Hine E Hine

Remembering Prague

Classical Guitar DVD

Alberton CD