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Tues, January 24th, 2020 ~ TCGSS guest appearance

This guest performance took place during Barkin Sertkaya's concert for the Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School 2020 at the 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth.  Barkin dedicated the entire first half of his concert to music composed by Bruce Paine, opening with 'Waitemata Reverie' and following with the premiere performance of 'Seikilos Chimes', a work completed just before Christmas 2019.  The new work was made possible with the support of Creative New Zealand.  Barkin then invited Bruce to help round off the first half of the concert with his duet 'Anatolia - Aotearoa' which was written in memory of the victims and heroes of the tragic events in Christchurch on 15th March 2019.

Note:  Bruce took part in TCGSS 2020 freely as an exhibitor.

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