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April 2007 : Guest Appearance with NZ Guitar Ensemble

Saturday 14th April, 7.30 pm

Rose Centre, Belmont, Auckland.  Bruce Paine and Rex Button played the Korean Suite for two guitars by Myung Pio Kim.New Zealand Guitar Ensemble with Bruce Paine and Rex Button

Review - New Zealand Guitar Ensemble 2nd Annual Concert

Belmont's Rose Centre is known for acoustics that are well suited to the classical guitar and this was proven once again during the recent New Zealand Guitar Ensemble Annual Concert.

The full house of guitar enthusiasts, supporters and music lovers witnessed and enjoyed a wide variety of ensemble repertoire from duets to full guitar orchestra.

John Lim, experienced in the art of running guitar ensembles, led his well-rehearsed players with great aplomb.  (They are a group made up entirely of Korean players and who welcome others of all ages, ability and nationality to join in the fun.)  Their playing covered repertoire as diverse as Schubert's Song on the Water and the James Bond movie theme music 007, and was a delight to witness.

They played in varied formats - trio, double quartet and full orchestra. Of particular interest was the Korean trio Song of the Temple which is a recent arrival on the New Zealand guitar stage.  This beautifully intricate and demanding work was played with great courage and sensitivity by 3 of the younger members of the ensemble. The double quartet format was particularly pleasing both in sound and musicianship.

The recently formed group Viva Guitarra (a quartet of St Peter's College students, all taught by well known Auckland guitarist John Flameling) presented two works that displayed good ensemble skills, with obvious enthusiasm and flair for their toe-tapping Rumba Catalan finale.

There were many orchestra highlights with pieces such as Richard Charlton's Partial Eclipse and Viva Jujuy, and Mike Butt's Contradanza adding substance and a new level of excitement to the second half of the programme.  The addition of a traditional Korean drum, prior to the concert conclusion, was another welcome change to the overall 'sound-scape'.

As one of the concert participants (this time joined by long time friend and polished guitar player Rex Button, in a performance of the Myung Pio Kim Korean Suite for two guitars) it was a pleasure to contribute to an event that so positively supports and encourages all guitarists.

Once again sincere thanks to John Lim and all involved in making this event possible and for introducing new music to the Auckland guitar scene.

Bruce Paine

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