Guest appearance with the "New Zealand Guitar Ensemble" and "South Korea Performing Arts Group" Choir

Review - New Zealand Guitar Ensemble Concert - 22 April 2006

Arriving at Michael Park School and being ushered by many light-wand wielding 'parking wardens' to ensure everyone's safe arrival at the venue, made an impressive start to a most enjoyable concert by the New Zealand Guitar Ensemble.

The newly built school music auditorium was top rate. Seating about 300 and well equipped with a real stage and professional lighting. The wooden flooring around the stage area, and high ceiling helped provide good acoustics well suited to guitar and pleasant for both audience and performer.

The whole occasion was managed most efficiently and enthusiastically by all concerned. The programme was interesting for the audience, with just the right balance and duration. The Southern Cross Performing Arts Group choir added a good contrast and complimented the guitar orchestra sound.

The New Zealand Guitar Ensemble put on a good show and never missed a beat, presenting a charming and varied programme of music including works as diverse as “Terpsichore” by renaissance composer Michael Praetorius and the modern “Romance” by Kleynjans. It is a credit to the guitar tutors how such a large group of young people are able to work with such precision and discipline.

All performers were greeted warmly by an enthusiastic audience with much whistling and cheering! As one of the performers, I left the stage feeling really special and appreciated.

There was strong, positive energy and good will at this concert, and that deserves to be encouraged and acknowledged.

Bruce Paine

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