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Circle Dance : $33

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Offered here is a printed copy of the Circle Dance sheet music booklet.

NZ$33, includes postage and packaging

Difficulty : About grade 8

Technical Note: Requires a SpiderCapo or prepared standard capo as per instructions.

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Circle Dance is one of a set of compositions that are reflections on British folk songs.  The piece was inspired by the following selected words from the English folk song, A Rosebud in June about English country life, people living off the land and celebrating the arrival of summer..

    It’s a rosebud in June and the violets in full bloom
    And the small birds singing love songs on each spray.
    We’ll pipe and we’ll sing love
    We’ll dance in a ring love
    When each lad takes his lass
    All on the green grass,
    And it’s, oh, to plough where the fat oxen graze low
    And the lads and the lasses do sheep shearing go.

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