In September 2012 the UK Classical Guitar magazine published a review of the Alberton DVD.

For reasons to do with copyright we cannot publish the review word for word, but suffice to say the reviewer, accomplished UK classical guitarist Neil Smith, gave the overall DVD a good plug and glowing report, praising the "high quality package" production. He was impressed with the standard achieved through a real 'community effort'.

The reviewer described each of the guitar compositions featured on the disks, making the observation that some of the music works best when heard during the DVD which is good because that was precisely the purpose for which such pieces were designed.  From a composer's perspective, it was a particular challenge to write music with substance and meaning that wasn't merely repetitive filler, and that would work either alongside or separated from the video footage.

There are several pieces in the set that are viable concert repertoire, such as the Alberton Waltz and Sea Shanty, that are not for the fainthearted classical guitarist to attempt.  However there are other pieces of equal worth that would please intermediate players, for example 'Seringapatam and Tuis and Daffodils that are delightful to play.

Several review quotes can be viewed via the following link...

"..these are gentle works that work best when heard during the DVD."

"Annie Laurie Variations makes an appearance..a good few minutes of fun along the lines of those late Giuliani-Rossini efforts.  Patty's Galop trots along in style…"

"Overall, these are well-written pieces, well played with a good, easy feel and quality of sound."

"The scenery is stunning and, if you want something modern (but not dissonant) melodic, with lush harmonies then this collection would fit the bill."