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Photos Publicity 2034
Slide Show ~ Concerts 1971
Slide Show ~ New Zealand Scenery 2178
Slide Show ~ Alberton 150th Celebration Concert 2013 2230
Guitar Abstract Painting 2065
Bruce Paine at Eden Quary 2095
Bruce Paine at Museum B&W 2042
Harmony Supertone Hawaiian Staccato Tone Guitar 1960
Copper Beech Tree Planting, Privett, England 2429
Auckland Scenic Images... 2020


Hine E Hine

Remembering Prague

Classical Guitar DVD

Alberton CD

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CD Cover - The Selwyn Recital CD


Tonewood and Bear Claw CD

Music CD Titles

Recital for Guitar CD

Second Recital for Guitar CD

Music CD Titles

Lateral Lines CD

Guitar @ Museum CD