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Jan-Matej Rak - Guitarist (Czech Republic)

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Artist Friends of Bruce Paine

Myung Lee
Portrait of Bruce Paine by Myung LeePortrait artist Myung Lee enjoys exploring different styles and subjects. Her love of architecture, the geometry of urban spaces and the play of light and colour is shown in her approach and application.  One of Myung's abstract works is entitled 'Finchdean' after Bruce's guitar composition. A CD recording of the piece was listened to while the painting took shape.  Myung has also drawn and painted Bruce's portrait.

Craig Humberstone
Craig Humberstone seeks within a detailed, representative style, to document natural compositions from the Northland foreshore, mud flats and high tide zones, and the results of these cyclical processes of nature.

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Aaron Shepard - Sea King's Daughter

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