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I must say your CD is excellent!

I especially like your interpretation of Three Russian Waltzes by my father, Stepan Rak.  Your version is full of life and emotion, with great investment and all the lines in its polyphony is fully logical and understandable - that is rare in the guitar world!

You succeeded in pretending that those awfully difficult, almost unplayable compositions are in fact easy pieces for beginners!  It sounds lightweight and dance-like.   And what is most incredible: it sounds Russian!  You caught that special European feeling of the late 19th century''s St.Peterburg street.

The same Old World understanding is revealed in your Remembering Prague - I'm sure that you can play it that way very much because you spent some time here.  So that you really recall Prague when playing.

Thank you a lot!

Matej Rak, September 2007

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