Bruce Paine has devoted a huge amount of time, talent and technique to this project, and it has all paid off handsomely.

His musical portrait of Alberton and its founding family is lovingly painted.  To sumptuous cinematography, he brings his own original compositions, performed with consummate skill in a style that is elegantly relaxed and unfailingly musical.

From the opening, salt-sprayed rhythms of Sea Shanty to the closing embrace of the Alberton Waltz, Bruce’s music becomes not just a soundtrack but a storytelling presence of charm and personality.

Scenes of quiet contemplation in and around Alberton are graced by enchanting music — arresting, yet never intrusive, and always beautifully recorded.

And there are zesty recreations of the original Taylor family’s holidays, social events, and musical passions, with Bruce weaving the houses’s old piano, a music box, and even the bagpipes, into a rich musical tapestry.

A unique tribute to Alberton, and an impressive musical document.

Heath Lees, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Auckland