Living in the 2020s, with pressures and distractions coming in all forms and from all directions, it is often difficult to devote time and the necessary discipline to practice the art of classical guitar and musicianship. Thank goodness the instrument exists to provide a means of slowing down the pace and escape from such things as worrying world events and the internet with its endless forms of information and entertainment to invade our lives. Learning to play any instrument is challenging and not for everyone. As well as time and discipline it requires considerable patience. There must be a strong desire to play in order to overcome the challenges any instrument presents. It's true, there is much to learn by simply observing online tutorials via the internet but the reality is there is far more to be gained by having one-on-one lessons with an experienced teacher. It's a wonderful thing too, to have a family support base that allows a young student time to develop and flourish as a musician. Not every young person is fortunate enough to be in such a privileged position but for those who are, it's not until you reach an advanced age that you realise just how special and valuable that time was. Further down the track, life has a habit of throwing curveballs that make it hard to justify or impossible to maintain the level of discipline once enjoyed. That is one reason why it is quite rare and special to witness older musicians still playing concerts. It really is a remarkable achievement.