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Difficulty : Moderate to advanced

Also available in the following combined publication with three other Maori Folk Song Inventions.
Maori Folk Song Inventions : NZ$65.00


This piece pays tribute to the Maori folk song Pokarekare Ana.  Improvisations work their way around the original melody which is quoted once in its entirety during a section of two-part harmonics, following a twenty-one bar introduction. The overall effect is a ō¸°€oating, romantic quality.

Performance Notes

The guitar is tuned in altered dropped-d tuning as follows:
1 = E nat
2 = B nat
3 = G nat
4 = E nat
5 = A nat
6 = D nat


For those who find the sharpened 4th string too tight and uncomfortable to play, try a lower tension string.

An alternative option is to tune all strings down a tone (1=D, 2=A nat, 3=F, 4=D, 5=G, 6=C). This gives a deeper, richer sound but can be less practical in concert situations if re-tuning mid-performance.


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