Music video. Dance of the Walrus - from Sea Suite by Bruce Paine

This short piece is from Bruce Paine's Sea Suite for Guitar, each section of which was inspired by various aquatic creatures such as the shark, the octopus and the walrus. Some might question the concept of dancing walruses but going by video footage on the Internet, the piece Dance of the Walrus seems entirely valid. Either way it adds a light-hearted element and further contrast to the music.

A note for classical guitarists. This composition while offering something different makes a great study piece for the student repertoire. The sheet music for "Dance of the Walrus" is free to download exclusively from this site. The full music score is also readily available. Electronic downloads of Sea Suite and other sheet music are available via Bruce Paine's web site for a small fee. Hard copies can be purchased via the SOUNZ online music store for New Zealand composers.